SANDWICHESIQD BEEF Philadephia Sandwich Grilled beef, provolone cheese, mix vegetables & special spices. served with white baget bread IQD 9000Saucy Chicken Sandwich Chicken breast marinated with special sauces topped with chopped lettuce, yellow corn & special spices.served with brown baget bread IQD 9000 Beef Fajita Sandwich Beef slices marinated with soy sauce, topped withmix vegetables […]


PIZZAS M L Margarita PizzaTomato Sauce.mix Mozzarella and cheddar cheese Cheese. Basil Small 10500 Medium 15000 Large 19500Chicken Vegetable PizzaTomato Sauce, Chicken, Mozzarella cheese Capsicum, Fresh Tomato Slices Small 10500 Medium 15000 Large 19500Pepperoni PizzaTomato Sauce, Mozzarella cheese Pepperoni Small 10500 Medium 15000 Large 19500Four Seasons Pizza (Choose yourself)Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella cheese select 4 of […]


PASTRIES & DESSERTIQDAssorted Cakes IQD 6500 Cup CakeVanilla Chocolate IQD 2500 MuffinChocolate, Vanilla ,Blue Berry IQD 5500 Dots Original IQD 4000 CroissantZatar, Cheese, Chocolate IQD 5000 Croissant Plain IQD 4000 Cookies IQD 4500


RED SAUCE PASTAIQDPenne ArrabbiataPenne Pasta, Tomato Sauce, Chilly flakes Parmesan Cheese IQD 15000 Penne VegetarianPenne Pasta, Tomato Sauce, Green Capsicum Red Capsicum, Mushroom, Broccoli IQD 15000 Spaghetti BologneseSpaghetti Pasta, Bolognese Sauce, Beef Parmesan Cheese IQD 9000 WHITE SAUCE PASTAIQDChicken Broccoli PastaPenne Pasta, Chicken. Cooking Cream, Broccoli Parmesan Cheese IQD 17500 Fettuccine Al FungiFettuccine Pasta, Cooking […]