Avesta is the beacon of exceptional leadership and entrepreneurship. Anybody can start up a business in a developed/developing country, but to start a business in a war-torn country is a great challenge itself. Our story sheds light on the struggles we as a team faced on a daily basis being in close proximity to a very volatile economic situation.

When you think about it, any wise man would advise thinking twice before set-up the business, but the mark of a good leader is a person who takes the bull by its horn and embrace the challenge. I had the option to do business anywhere in the world, but I chose to apply my education and business values to my home country. Fast forward… we are now the only restaurant café that has grown from 2 number of outlets to 8 in less than 5 years. Our employee retention at a high rate and we have grown from 10 number staff to 40.

You would think how is it possible to apply CSR in a volatile situation. well in all fairness Avesta could have not achieved it’s goal without the dedication of its team members and I am extremely proud to say that we have zero hierarchy, we are one big family that believes in good living, good health, and good food hence we are very selective in our menu, we pay special attention to our service and constantly innovate as a team. The success story behind Avesta is the commitment and hard work of every individual involved.